Modern houses have built-in spaces for draining, ventilation, and plumbing. In places where the weather necessitates heating and cooling, home builders ensure that there is enough space and ducting available if you are thinking about adding air conditioning when you have a boiler. As a matter of fact, you can do it very quickly.

Will There Be any Issues?

Most houses will have the boiler in the basement. Though boilers do produce a lot of heat and this can increase the indoor room temperature remarkably. Homeowners believe that installing the A/C along with the boiler will create a total renovation and lots of expenses.Rochester NY HVAC Adding Air Conditioning When You Have A Boiler

You have to realize that your boiler and the A/C unit are two different systems. An HVAC technician can install both in your home. In that case, you can decide to put in your AC unit in a few different ways.

Individual air conditioner – Split A/C units are very popular. These units have a condenser put outside the home and an air handler set inside the room. This system is economical, and it is simple to use.

Attic Condenser – Even though individual air conditioners are low-cost, they can only cool a room at a time. If you want to cool a bigger space, you have to pick a bigger system. These units will have the condenser in the attic, and it can cool the whole residence.

High-Velocity Attic Units – High-velocity attic units are just like the attic condenser cooling unit, but they use little flexible tubes instead of a duct system. These systems are the costliest since they do give extremely high cooling for the whole house.

Regardless if summers are getting hotter or we’ve lost our acceptance for heat as we get older, lots of folks are tempted to pull out an old A/C system and replace it with an efficient A/C unit.

Those of you with forced-air ducts in place worry that changing the system will be high cost and result in wastefulness. If there aren’t any ducts, you can’t think how they’re supposed to be attached without costing a bundle and damaging your home. But adding A/C to your house is comfortable and less expensive than you may think.

This information should help you determine which cooling system to use for your living space. If you have any questions, you can always contact a Rochester HVAC company that will be happy to assist you.