It’s a sweltering hot day, and you just want to relax in your armchair in front of the air conditioning unit. But what’s this: It’s blowing warm air! Your air conditioner could be circulating hot air for a number of reasons.

​Ready to troubleshoot? Here’s a list of 5 common culprits of the dreaded warm air:

  1. Thermostat Problems
    We mentioned the thermostat first because it is one of the most common issues and also the quickest and easiest to fix. Check your thermostat: Is it set to “Cool” and “Auto”? If not, that’s why your unit is blowing warm air. This is a common problem because thermostats are a prime target for curious children who like to push buttons.
  2. Dirty Air Filter
    Your unit’s air filter should frequently be changed to ensure proper air flow and system cleanliness. A dirty air filter means air can’t get into the system efficiently, causing the system to slow down, blow warm air, or even shut down. Air filter changes are an easy DIY project, but if you’re unsure, contact your HVAC professional for help.
  3. Duct Issues
    Your air conditioner’s air ducts can also become clogged with dirt and debris over time. If your unit is older, the ducts might have cracks or small holes through which your nice, cool air is escaping. Contact a professional for this issue if you’re not familiar with cleaning and replacing ducts.
  4. Refrigerant Leak
    Have you noticed ice forming on your unit? A refrigerant leak could be to blame. If there’s a hole or crack in your refrigerant coils and lines, the substance that is in charge of cooling your system is probably leaking out. If the system can’t efficiently cool the air circulating through, it will blow warm air instead. Adding more refrigerant isn’t going to solve the issue if there’s a leak: You might need to call a professional to repair the coil.
  5. Outside Unit Issues
    There could be some problems with your outdoor unit, including:
    Air condenser coil blockages due to dirt or debris
    Large objects blocking the condenser unit
    Loss of power due to a blown fuse or other electrical problems
    If you believe your unit is having an electrical issue, do not attempt to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Contact an HVAC repair professional.

If you live in the Rochester area and your air conditioner is blowing warm air, the Rochester HVAC Experts can quickly and efficiently repair all the above problems and more.