While Rochester, NY isn’t prone to hurricanes, there are periodically some severe downpours. Also, the record heat waves strain the power supply resulting in some crucial generator safety tips for you and your loved ones. 

Portable Generator Safety Tips: Safety Always Come First 

The American Red Cross has excellent safety tips on backup generators. According to the organization, there are three essential safety concerns when operating a portable generator: 

  • Watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning 
  • Be careful. The chance of electrical shock is high
  • Portable generators are a considerable fire hazard

Remember never to use a backup generator in wet or damp conditions. On the same note, don’t touch the generator if your hands are wet. 

Generator Fuel

For a generator fueled by gasoline, put your fuel in an appropriate fuel container. Always wait for the equipment to cool down before putting any fuel in the machine. You shouldn’t use propane, natural gas, charcoal-burning, or gasoline machinery inside your residence. The fumes from this equipment are lethal. 

Here are some other tips to keep you safe while using a portable gas or electric generator: Rochester NY HVAC generator safety tips

  • Please read the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow them explicitly
  • Upkeep your generator, so it remains functional
  • If you need to use extension cords, be sure they are right for your use.

More Generator Usage Tips

Just as a reminder, backup generators get hot when operating. Therefore, you must keep a few feet circle around the machine, lessening the chance of fire.

In a power outage, backup generators can be crucial. But they are quite dangerous, and extreme care is imperative. 

HVAC Unit not Working

If the power is still on, but your HVAC unit isn’t functioning, contact Rochester HVAC Experts to arrange a repair visit. Our technician will visit to verify the reason for the issue and fix it as fast as possible. 

An excellent way to keep your HVAC system or backup generator working is to schedule an appointment for a checkup. Autumn is the best time to arrange preventative maintenance to ensure that your equipment is functioning at peak performance. 

Our goal is to keep you and your loved ones prepared, comfortable, and safe.