Rochester NY HVAC Not Overusing Exhaust Fans In The Winter

Be Careful Overusing Exhaust Fans In The Winter

Be careful overusing your exhaust fans in the winter. Doing so causes extra work for your heating and cooling system and might require HVAC professional services.

To avoid using your heating and AC unit more than needed in the wintertime, it’s best to use your exhaust fan as little as possible. Why? And if you’re not running your exhaust fan, is there anything else you can do to help circulate the indoor air? Keep reading to find out.

Why not use the exhaust fan?

Rochester NY HVAC Overusing Exhaust Fans In The Winter
A standard exhaust fan in the bathroom

An exhaust fan functions by taking air inside a building and moving it outside. But when this occurs, outside air must come inside to substitute what just left. In the wintertime, this means an exhaust fan is moving warm air into the cold atmosphere while drawing in cold air from the outside. Your heater has to work vigorously to warm this cold air. Overusing your exhaust fans can cause you to have furnace issues down the line.

Here’s something else that the winter causes in homes. Cold air is dry air. It’s not the heater drying out the air in your house. It’s dry, cold air seeping in or being drawn in by the stack effect and mechanical systems.

If the air in your residence is arid and dry, not using the fan in the bathroom when you shower might be a good thing. If you’re using a humidifier to combat dry indoor air, this is all the more reason not to use an exhaust fan.

Options to Exhaust Fan Usage

Exhaust fans are usually located in the bathroom or kitchen. In the kitchen, using an exhaust fan might be required for pushing out pungent smells. Besides, using an exhaust fan, cooks can put a free-standing fan in the kitchen to give more air circulation in the house. A free standing fan will help you keep from overusing exhaust fans in the winter. This isn’t the ideal solution, but it can help if the humidity or smell isn’t leaving.

The bathroom is another main location for exhaust fan usage as it gets rid of the moist air to stop the mirrors from fogging up. To stop using the exhaust fan in the bathroom, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • You can take shorter showers using cool water. This isn’t too comfortable in the cold months, but it aids you in not using the exhaust fan.
  • You can also shower with the door open. This will reduce moisture buildup in the bathroom. The problem with this recommendation is that the humid air will travel to the rest of your house.
  • Shower with a small fan on in the bathroom, or run the fan for a while after you are done with your shower. This will move air around the room and clear the moisture as well.