Spring is the ideal time to do some serious cleaning. It’s also the perfect time to call a heating and cooling professional to perform any necessary HVAC maintenance work on your system.

Performing some spring maintenance for your HVAC system means cleaner air for your home, aiding to make sure your unit continues to function efficiently. A unit that runs effectively means a reduced energy bill. Moreover, it saves you from needing costly HVAC repair work. Also, getting your system checked out to extend the service life of your unit.


HVAC Maintenance in the Springtime

Spring HVAC maintenance is the most excellent idea you can have for your heating and cooling system, as well as your budget. In the summer, your AC works diligently to make sure your living space is at the correct temperature. On a sweltering day, this could make the air conditioning work harder, meaning a high electric bill. A heating and cooling unit makes up over 50 percent of your utility bill every month.


Spring preventative maintenance does a few things for your cooling equipment:Rochester NY HVAC Be Prepared With HVAC Maintenance

  • You don’t have to make emergency calls during the summer due to no cold air.
  • It helps your unit run as effectively as possible, saving you money.


Here are a few things that occur during a spring HVAC preventative maintenance appointment.

  • Contractors examine the indoor coil for cleanliness. They clean the coil if needed.
  • While inside, the contractor will examine the air handler blower or furnace for cleanliness and functioning correctly.
  • The contractor examines all electrical connections, checking the operation of the outdoor fan motor and compressor.

Finally, the system’s refrigerant level gets inspected. Remember, if the refrigerant level is low, your contractor shouldn’t just replace the refrigerant. Your HVAC contractor should look for a leak. If it is a leak, your contractor will replace the leaking component or repair the leak.

Remember, there are also things you can do to help your cooling system function as efficiently as possible during the summer, such as changing the filter. Under some circumstances, it is wise to change your filter every month. Give us a call at Rochester HVAC and ask for a recommendation.