Can my air conditioner cause headaches? Sadly, for some folks, the answer is yes. Air conditioning is a necessity in the summer. However, too many folks pay the price for all that blowing cold air. Read on for some reasons why your AC might be creating your headaches and ways on how to resolve the issue.

Noise, Dehydration, and Chemicals

Dehydration: While the AC is cooling off the air, it also eliminates all the humidity. This is a good thing, but if the air gets too dry and you don’t drink enough water, you can have a dehydration headache. Combat this by turning on your AC and humidifier at the same time. Also, drink plenty of water.Rochester NY HVAC Air Conditioner Causing My Headaches

Blood Vessels: When you become too cold, the blood vessels in your head contract, which is one possible reason for your headache. Try cutting the temp up a few notches and see if that helps alleviate your symptoms.

Extreme Noise: If the A/C is too loud, or if it happens to make noise that irritates you, your head will pay the cost. If you think the A/C compressor noise is the reason for your issue, you might be able to adjust the system or call a Rochester air conditioning professional for an inspection.

Chemicals and Allergens: Your cooling unit could be circulating more than cold air. If you have a forced-air unit and the vents are dirty, the system could be sending pollen, allergen, and dust all over your house.

Moreover, if you use abrasive cleaning chemicals in your house and don’t have sufficient ventilation, the A/C blows the toxic into the air over and over again. You can solve the issue by giving your HVAC unit a thorough cleaning and making sure that your home is accurately vented. It’s a reality, your air conditioner can be causing headaches

HVAC Technicians and Physicians to the Rescue

For severe headaches or migraines, you should contact your doctor. If the issue is mild enough to resolve on your own, the top remedy hinges on which factor is making your head hurt.

If you’re convinced that the A/C is the cause of your headaches, have a heating and cooling tech come to perform cleaning, repairs, and maintenance and see if that helps.