A noisy air conditioner can be a crucial source of nuisance. As one of the significant energy-consuming devices in a house, they can be very loud. The fastest solution, cutting it off, results in distress from the heat, meaning the owner has to pick their poison. Air conditioner noises have a range of causes and can signify issues in various parts of the unit. Below are a couple of the most common reasons for air conditioning noises.


Debris and Dirt in the Air Conditioner

Clicking, rattling, or similar noises might be the result of debris or dirt being pulled into the system. Before worrying about

Rochester NY HVAC Dealing with a Noisy Air Conditioner

Checking filters and air ducts

whether a pricey cooling repair will be necessary, cut off the unit. When doing this, be sure that it is really powered off and not just off because to avoid possible injury and unexpected restarting.

Inspect to be sure all air filters, ducts, and the outside air intake are free of any loose objects that are near the path of the airflow, producing a possible noise source.

After this is finished, be sure all filters and covers are securely in place to prevent any rattling noises.


Age of Air Conditioner

Older cooling units were constructed to various standards, are usually less efficient, and don’t have the noise reduction technology of modern units. Someone who moves into a house with an older A/C might notice that it operates loudly. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t running as it has from the day it was put in. If an abrupt increase in noise is observed, it is most likely operating normally, and the decision to replace it is a cost-effective one.


Undersized Ducts

A popping noise when the A/C is turned off or on is a sign that the air ducts in a house aren’t accurately sized. The sound comes from the air moving the ducts outward when it is first pushed through.

Afterward, the air stops, and the ducts go back to their average width. Undersized ducts indicate the air can’t flow freely, just like water running through a pinched hose. The air conditioner is using more energy by cooling air; it isn’t able to put into the rooms of your home. The only solution is to replace the ducts. If you find yourself in this position, contact Rochester HVAC for a professional inspection and repair.