Programmable thermostats save money on energy bills and have become a popular way for people to decrease their energy usage. With the invention of smart thermostats, many folks are now investing in these highly programmable devices so they can get every bit of effectiveness out of their heating and cooling unit.

Most people do wonder if programmable thermostats live up to the hype? It turns out, the answer is more complicated than most realize.


Energy Savings

Many homeowners choose programmable thermostats because they haven’t fallen for a common energy myth: keeping your house at a consistent temperature uses less energy than turning your unit off and on. It uses way more power to run your A/C or furnace all the time than to cut them off when you don’t need them.

Rochester NY HVAC Programming Thermostats Save You Money

Programming your thermostat can save money

This means programmable thermostats have an advantage since you can set them to cut off and on at regular intervals. With a manual thermostat, your unit might end up going when you don’t need it if you forget to change the temperature or aren’t around to turn the unit off. A programmable thermostat lets you avoid these situations and store energy. The truth is, programmable thermostats save money.


Using Programmable Thermostat Wisely

In reality, people are the wild cards in the thermostat game. Many folks don’t use their programmable thermostats the way they’re supposed to be used. The results can be pricey.

For instance, some people use their programmable thermostats to run the A/C during the day and the heat at night. This means that the HVAC unit runs all day. Now it has to overcome a much higher temperature range than if the unit was cut off and the house allowed to warm or cool naturally.

Other homeowners take a lackadaisical approach with their programmable thermostats. They might leave their unit operating routinely, letting the heat come on when they sleep in on the weekends or go on vacation.


Getting All You Can From Your Programmable Thermostat

This doesn’t mean that a programmable thermostat can’t save you money. Research has shown that these items do deliver energy savings, even if the standard savings is lower than the customarily advertised amounts. If you use your programmable thermostat the correct way, you can get energy savings that are above average.