How important is it to change air conditioner filter? It is vital to the correct performance of your HVAC unit, not to mention the air quality. Research shows that indoor air pollution is one of the top health risks. You might not consider it a priority, but it’s critical.

When to Change Your Air Filters

Plenty of air filters have instructions on the packaging. It may say “change every three months” or “lasts 90 days.” Take a look at the filters at any store, and you’ll see that some are constructed to only last 30 days, while others are built to be changed every six months or year thanks in part to the advanced air cleaning machines they were constructed for.

The norm seems to be once every couple of months for most high-quality filters, but there’s a rule of thumb that all HVAC repair professionals follow. If the filter is dirty, change it!

A dirty air filter might trigger damage to some parts such as the compressor. Therefore, you should change it frequently instead of neglecting it.

If you want to follow the manufacturer’s air filter changing recommendations, we advise putting the date on the filter when you switch it out, as well as setting a reminder for yourself on your calendar or in your cell. You should also realize that your filter maker could have another recommendation than your HVAC system manufacturer.

Deciding how often to change air conditioner filter rests on a few factors:

  • Pets
  • Number of folks residing in the home
  • The total air quality of your house
  • Filter type of your air conditioning unit
  •  Air pollution in the area


To sum it all up:

  • Single occupant houses without allergies or pets: Change every six months to one year
  • Home (suburbs) without pets: Change every three months
  • Own a furry family member: Change every two months
  • Own more than one furry family members or you have allergies: change every month

If you don’t know a Rochester air conditioning specialist to speak with about how to change an air conditioning filter, you’ve probably been overlooking other crucial maintenance tasks in addition to changing air conditioning filters.