“What did the doctor say when he ate a piece of moldy bread?”
“It’s penicillin.”

Corny jokes aside, most of us have accidentally bitten into a piece of moldy bread at some point in our lives, and we’ve lived to tell the tale. Mold growing inside of a home, however, causes many people to panic and pack their bags. Mold doesn’t require much to proliferate–just dust (for food) and humidity above 60% (for growth). Many homes have these ingredients ready and available due to leaks from burst pipes, rainwater, or other environmental factors.

Do Humidifiers Breed Mold?

Whole-house humidifiers are attractive to home dwellers for plenty of reasons:
Humidifiers inhibit airborne flu virus potency
Humidifiers relieve allergies and sinus congestion
Humidifiers help you sleep
Humidifiers keep expensive wood floors and furniture from cracking and warping
Humidifiers keep your dry skin and lips from cracking and bleeding
Humidifiers help you save money on heating
But the caveat is this: We know that moisture and dust breed mold. Humidifiers are created to add moisture to the air, which is already full of dust. So is whole-house humidifier mold something homeowners have to worry about?

The answer is yes, and no. While the humidifiers of our ancestors featured an on-off switch and that’s about it, today’s whole-house humidifiers are optimized with controls for both comfort and safety. Modern humidifier manufacturers agree that a humidifier should keep the in-house humidity between 30-50%, well under the 60% required for mold growth.

To Humidify, or Not to Humidify: That is the Question
Whole-house humidifiers are built to put the right amount of moisture into your home to increase comfort. Improved technologies monitor outdoor and indoor temperatures and moisture levels and adjust output accordingly, ensuring that your home never has too much moisture. If you’re considering purchasing a humidifier, your best bet is to contact a professional dealer, investigate what the different models can do for you, and go from there.

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