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When they need furnace repair in Rochester, NY, residents hire our contractors. Choose Rochester HVAC for affordable HVAC services for any setups used.

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When discussing furnace repair, Rochester, NY, residents must have theirs working before the winter season. Otherwise, they only wind up freezing, especially after the nightly sunset. Your furnace should last through at least two decades’ worth of winters. However, when you don’t keep up with repairs and maintenance, it means replacing them sooner. At Rochester HVAC, we offer affordable furnace repairs when you need them the most. Whether winter is rapidly approaching or already here, you can rely on us. We know how miserable it can feel without a functioning furnace. Keep your home warmer all year with our affordable service contractors.

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Your furnace is a workhorse battling frigid nights and cold mornings. With an average of 77 inches of snow each year, yours must run well.

While furnaces might last for decades, they don’t always reach an age that old. Others find it impossible to work past 15 or 20 years for many reasons.

Although they appear simple to operate, your furnace contains lots of different components.

No matter what is keeping your furnace from operating, we know what to do next.

Contact us for affordable repair contractors and maintain a more efficient heating system.

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When furnaces fail to perform, it could be because of many different reasons. Everything from restricted airflow to running out of fuel can soon keep you cold.
Fire needs fresh oxygen and a source of combustion to burn. Remove either one from the equation, and you won’t find a flame.

Other issues come from neglected electrical components and the furnace’s thermostat. Another common problem that homeowners face is ignition failures where fire can’t even start.

Finally, blower fans get used to help circulate the air through the system. If you feel little to no heated air coming through, contact us immediately for repairs.

Types of Furnaces

Furnaces that achieve an 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency get commonly found throughout the area. These HVAC systems draw air from around them, which it heats and distributes. Although called 80% AFUE, they may not reach quite this percentage. However, it’s still an efficient way to keep your home warmer throughout winter.
Unlike 80% AFUE models, 90% systems utilize a sealed air combustion chamber. That means it pulls air from the outdoors rather than the inside with PVC tubing. These systems also require dedicated airways to get them to fire correctly. If yours isn’t reaching a 90% efficiency rating, we can get it there.
Single-stage furnaces burn higher than other types, allowing them a high warmth output. However, as they only switch from “on” to “off,” they must remain in good shape. When they run continuously, though, they can quickly become expensive to operate. Maintain yours so that it doesn’t cost a fortune to run.
Those with larger houses or prefer quieter machines will choose a two-stage furnace. These more efficient models not only more silent but two levels of heating. A first warming stage kicks in, heating the air without blasting it. If it isn’t enough to get comfortable, a higher second speed turns on.
Unlike other furnaces, variable speed two-stage models aren’t similar to those above. Instead, its name means that it’s fan blades can move faster or slower. Even when the heating elements are off, the fan can continue spinning to circulate air. It’s like the “fan” setting of a central heat pump system using blowers independently.