By now, everyone is aware of the concept of secondhand smoke and the dangers that it delivers. In reality, thirdhand cigarette smoke is harmful too. This might have you wondering, “Does smoking affect your HVAC system?” Yes, it does.


Thirdhand Smoke

The particles that stay behind from cigarette smoke is referred to as thirdhand smoke. These specks can remain on surfaces for a very long time. Moreover, there’s proof that these particles can be pulled into your HVAC system and then distributed around your house. 

Research is just starting on the effects of thirdhand smoke. Though, the information already collected over the last decade indicates that thirdhand smoke does contain cancer-causing and/or toxic chemicals. Heating and cooling systems come into play by moving these particles around a house or room. This means that any chosen outdoor smoking space that is near enough to a building that smoke particles can come in and be sucked in by the HVAC system, circulating the building.


Getting Rid of Thirdhand SmokeRochester NY HVAC How Does Smoking Effect Your HVAC System

The simplest way to get rid of thirdhand smoke is not to smoke, though this is simpler said than done for numerous long-term smokers. The answer is to smoke far away from windows and doors when you outside. If smoking outside isn’t an option for you, there are some things you can do to aid in keeping your HVAC system and home clean.


Regular Filter Changes

Air filters are the first line of defense against the particles flowing around your house. They’re excellent at trapping things such as contaminants. When the air filter is filled, it will let specks creep through. If you’re good about changing your filters, it can go a long way to making the indoor air quality of your home healthier.


Use Air Sanitizers

There are two critical types of air sanitizers. Some chemically eat odors and others clean naturally like baking soda. Think about purchasing some for your residence if you’re worried about thirdhand smoke.


Clean your ducts

You should also clean your HVAC ducts. This is critical if you’ve just quit smoking since your ducts will still have residue and/or contaminants in them. If you want to be sure your home’s HVAC unit is efficient and clean, contact a professional A/C and heating repair service company.