In some cities, smog and pollution create key health concerns. But the air inside your home could have a large amount of pollutes regardless of where you live. Modifying your living habits, like buying plants to improve air quality, will make your living space cleaner and healthier. Here are some other tips for better indoor air quality.


Cleaning Your House

If your house has carpeting, use a top-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter to decrease pet dander, chemicals, and household dust. Experts suggest vacuuming twice a week. For houses without carpeting, mopping and sweeping successfully captures pollutants and dirt. Microfiber mops effectively grab allergens and dust, so you don’t have to use chemical cleaners.

Putting some extra care into your cleaning routine will enhance not only the look of your home but also the air quality. Consider all the allergens, chemicals, and fecal matter that adhere to your clothing or shoes when you enter a building. Using a big matt to wipe your shoes or taking them off helps diminish pollutants.


Decreasing Toxicity

Rochester NY HVAC Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality

House plants help clean your air

One of the worst offenders of bad indoor air quality is cigarette smoke. The smoke has over 3,500 chemicals and raises the risk of stroke, asthma, and lung cancer. Radon is another hazard for lung cancer. Get in touch with a business that performs home energy audits in Rochester, NY if your home hasn’t been tested for radon.

Toxic bits can come from the products you use to clean as well. Household and fragrance chemicals release volatile organic compounds (VOC). If you have VOCs in higher concentrations indoors, they are severe health risks. Decrease these chemicals by changing to eco-green, natural or organic cleaners or soaps. Baking soda, essential oils, and vinegar can be efficient DYI cleaners.


Air Support with Plants

Adding plants like spider plants, dracaena, and peace lilies improve the attractiveness and indoor air quality inside your house. Air cleaners or air purifiers are even more efficient at creating clean, fresh air. An air cleaner can grasp o% of airborne particles flowing through your house. These heating and cooling add-ons are ideal for folks with allergies, chronic illnesses, or asthma.  

If you want supreme indoor air quality, call an HVAC service company for more info on air cleaners and dehumidifiers.