When winter temperatures come in, those drafty windows will irritate you endlessly. The windows also will raise your heating costs. Keep on reading to eliminate the headache.


The Reason for Drafty Windows

With old windows, the glazing putty might have become hard and fallen away, leaving the glass shaking in place. Wood windows with double-hung sashes can dry up with wear and age, allowing in cold air. Even newer aluminum or vinyl windows might have worn-out weather stripping and gaskets. 


Simple, Quick Fixes for Your Drafty Windows

Here are some quick solutions that’ll fix them temporarily. Or, until you hire a Rochester heating and cooling expert to assess your situation.Rochester NY HVAC Caulk and Insulate Drafty Windows

  1. V-seal weather stripping. Put this plastic weather stripping around the sides of the sashes. Windows can shut and open even with the V-seal in place. 
  2. Rope caulk. You can mold this sticky, soft stuff to fill the gap and taken off quickly at the end of the season.
  3. Shrink film. With double-sided tape, this plastic sheeting becomes tight when warmed with a blow dryer. The film closes off drafts and catches an insulating buffer of air. Use rubbing alcohol to aid in taking off the tape in the spring, not to pull off any paint.
  4. Nail polish. If meticulously applied, clear polish fills the crack practically invisibly. Once hardened, the polish will steady the glass until you can replace it in the springtime. 
  5. Draft snake. If the bottom of your window lets out cold air, get a draft snake kit that contains foam and fabric. Slice the 36-inch foam tube supplied to length and put the washable cover over it. Next, put the snake on the sill and close the window on it.

Long Term Fixes

  1. Replace missing or loose glazing. The glazing putty that fixes windowpanes can tear up and fall out over time. Doing an excellent job of glazing takes practice. However, even average work does plenty to get rid of leaks.
  2. Rejuvenate storm windows. If you have old storm windows in the garage, you should re-glaze, re-paint them, and put them up every autumn. Storm windows increase insulation.
  3. Replace the window. A rotting, worn, old window is past its usefulness. Replacing old windows is a job for an expert. You pick the frame and the insulated glass choices. 


Get in touch with Rochester HVAC to learn more about repairing your windows.