We all understand that feeling of walking through the front door to the cold air of your air conditioner. Even though that cold air feels fabulous, you want to save money still and keep your electric bill at a reasonable cost. There are a few other ways to keep your house cool in the warm months. Read these summer tips and learn how to keep a room cool that faces the sun.

Ways on How to Keep a Room Cool that Faces the Sun: Use Ceiling Fans 

Numerous residential thermostats let you (by hand) turn the fan on that carries hot air through your house in the cold months. On the other hand, in the summertime, that same fan may run on its own to flow evenly the fresh air. This part also acts as an alternative way to keep the air circulating, making your house feel way more refreshing. Moreover, operating a fan counterclockwise can reduce your indoor temp by more than six degrees.

Rochester NY HVAC keep a room cool that faces the sun

Outdoor Grill Instead of The Oven

Whenever you use your oven, the amount of heat in your house increases. Instead, use your outdoor grill and have a few cookouts and barbecues. You can cook everything from grilled peaches for dessert to grilled cheese sandwiches on your BBQ grill.

If you decide to use your stove, make sure the fan is on, particularly if it vents to the outside. 

Reduce the Use of Home Appliances

Besides ovens and range tops, other appliances like dryers and dishwashers generate a lot of heat in your house. During the summer months, think about hanging your clothes outside to dry. It would be best if you did your washing at night to keep your living space cooler.

Use Your Windows and Blinds

During the night, open your windows, so that cold night breeze flows inside. During the day, close your shades and blinds, which reduces the inside temp by around 20 degrees. Take this notion a step further by buying sun blocking curtains that stop the sun from coming into your home. At night, open the blinds to let in the cool breeze. 

Call Rochester HVAC Experts for more information on how to keep your home cool in the summer. Our crew can address any cooling challenges you might have in your house and recommend changes, saving you money on your utility bill.