If you’re fortunate, you’ll never ever have to change the coolant in your A/C system. The unit is crafted with a closed loop. If anything goes wrong, the coolant should last for the life of your cooling system. Though, there are times when your A/C unit could malfunction or leak, requiring you to change the coolant In your A/C System. 

First Look at Your A/C for Maintenance Issues

The most noticeable sign of a coolant leak is when your A/C unit stops working correctly. If your A/C system isn’t cooling effectively, or if you’re getting warm air through the vents when the unit is turned to cooling, it’s time to contact a Rochester air conditioning specialist for an inspection. Other indicators of a possible leak are ice buildup and lots of condensation.Rochester NY HVAC Changing The Coolant In Your AC System

Before you refill, there are a couple of other probable reasons you could rule out. When a cooling unit is dirty, it lowers efficiency. Therefore, you can clean the condenser coolers and evaporator as well as change the air filter. Also, clean out any debris and leaves blocking the fans.

Fix the Leak

If your AC unit still isn’t working correctly, it’s time to have a heating and cooling expert inspect it and confirm if you have a coolant leak. The heating and cooling expert can repair the leak, recharge the unit with coolant and get you going again.

There are various air conditioning coolant types. The most used is R-22 (freon). Though, freon is being phased out in the US because of environmental reasons. The limited supply is making the cost soar quite high.

New AC units are using R410A (Puron) which is eco-friendlier. Regrettably, you can’t just switch Freon with Puron. You guessed it: you have to buy a new A/C system to switch.

Professional Certification Required

Recharging coolant isn’t a DIY task, in most cases you can’t even buy coolant. Those who handle coolant have to be certified by the EPA. Also, coolant in the A/C is kept under high pressure, and it is hazardous for non-professionals to try to charge it. A local Rochester HVAC professional can recharge your unit for you.