Rochester NY HVAC What if Mouse Died In My Ducts

I Think A Mouse Died In My Ducts, What Do I Do?

It’s a circumstance many people face. A mouse died in my ducts! What to do about it???  

The good news is that your ducts can be cleaned and the odor eliminated. You can reach out to a Rochester HVAC repair expert to handle the job if you can’t handle it yourself. An HVAC tech will be able to do the task accurately.

Tracking the Exact Location

It’s typically the distinctive smell that first warns people of the presence of a decaying mouse. At times the smell can be so powerful you might think the pest is in the ductwork when it’s really in the crawlspace, basement, or attic.  To pinpoint the location, follow the scent.Rochester NY HVAC Mouse Died In My Ducts

It could be that your sense of smell will guide you right to a particular HVAC duct. If so, take off the vent cover and look inside using a flashlight. If mouse died in your ducts and you see it, you can go to the next step. But if the search turns up nothing, you might have to call an HVAC specialist to find the rotting pest for you.

Take the Mouse Out

With the mouse located, carefully remove it. You’ll want to have on hand paper towel, disinfectant spray, rubber gloves, and a garbage bag.

If the mouse is out of reach, you may need to use a bent coat hanger to get it.

With rubber gloves on, put the mouse into the plastic bag and take it to your garbage can outside to dispose of it.

Next, meticulously clean all the areas where the dead mouse was with disinfectant spray. This might be hard if the pest was out of reach, but you can use a little mop to clean the space.

Plug the Leak Where the Mouse Got In

Once the rotting mouse is gone, and space is cleaned, you should inspect to see where the mouse was able to get into your ductwork in the first place. You probably will discover duct leaks that are robbing you of energy as well. If you haven’t had a professional inspect your HVAC system, now is the time to schedule one. If one mouse died in your ducts, it may likely happen again.

You might also want to schedule duct cleaning service which delivers a complete scrubbing and disinfecting of your duct surfaces. This is usually the best way to eliminate any remaining odors and provide peace of mind about any viruses or bacteria left behind.