If your existing furnace is at its expiration date and you are installing a condensing furnace, be sure your heating specialist adheres to the unique installation techniques necessary for your new heating and cooling unit. You’ll enjoy lifetimes of energy savings, heating comfort, and safe operation.

Condensing furnaces have two heat exchangers that remove over 98% of the heat from exhaust gases, which are wasted up the flue in standard furnaces. The exhaust gases are cooled and condensed to a temperature that allows sidewall venting via plastic pipes.

The condensation process also makes an acidic condensate that has to be drained. Below are the fundamental installation requirements of sidewall venting your condensing furnace:

  • The entry/exit points of the pipes must be on the same wall of the house so that air pressure is the same for both exhaust and intake.
  • The entry/exit points of the piping have to be satisfactorily high off the ground to deter impediment from snow accumulation.Rochester NY HVAC Installing Condensing Furnaces


Considerations for Condensing Furnaces

Avoid installing the pipes under a window, making sure they’re separated by at least one foot apart to block exhaust gases being pulled into the intake pipe.

The screen guard on the pipes must be removed during the heating months to hinder airflow restriction from ice accumulation. Put the guards back in once the heating months are over to stop creatures and birds from building nests inside.

The exhaust pipe has to be installed with no less than one-quarter inch going toward the furnace, with the most prominent point outside the house. The cooled exhaust gas creates acidic condensate that has to be able to run back to the trap. If condensate pools inside the piping, the airflow could be limited to the point that the furnace breaks down.

Check the drainage tubing from occasionally to be sure that kinks or something put on it don’t constrain it.

Ask your Rochester heating professional to examine the ductwork before putting in the new furnace to be sure it’s sealed and effectively designed. This expert can also provide info on installing condensing gas furnaces and their requirements.