If you’re like most people, you dread your summer electric bills. Your air conditioning can raise monthly costs by hundreds of dollars while there’s no way to get around using your A/C during the hot NY summers. Though, there are ways to keep your costs low while leaving your air conditioner on. One of those ways is to think cleverly when it comes to when and how you use your cooling unit. This includes deciding if it’s more affordable to leave your air conditioner on while you’re not home.

Should You Turn Your A/C Off?

Many folks wonder if it’s better to cut off their A/C when they’re out. This is an issue of indoor climate control effectiveness. Many feel that it’s better to leave their your air conditioner on than start it when getting home.Rochester NY HVAC Leaving Your Air Conditioner On

This is a fable that will be refuted by any knowledgeable HVAC professional. It’s true that leaving the cooling on all day results in greater use of energy which can raise your monthly bill. The constant fluctuation to maintain an unceasing temperature is more taxing on an air condition system than if you turned on the unit when you returned home.

With more use, you’ll also reduce the life of your A/C. By cutting your air conditioner off when you’re not home, you will see a fast difference in your electric cost, as well as an improvement in how long your system work.

Other A/C Tips

Besides cutting off your unit when you’re not home, there are other steps to lessen your energy consumption.

  • Cut your thermostat down to 78 degrees when you’re at home.
  • Purchase screens to shade your windows.
  • Put plants around your living space.
  • Use your ceiling fans.
  • Reduce the use of your stove.

It’s also vital to maintain your A/C unit’s effectiveness with continuous maintenance and proactive repairs. When you have an issue with your air conditioning, contact a Rochester air conditioning professional immediately. The last thing you want to happen is that it is a hot summer day and your A/C is blowing out hot air. Make the smart decision and get ahead of any maintenance work needed on your HVAC system.