All air conditioning systems drip. Though, drips in the wrong place or the wrong amount of dripping water might be a sign of an issue with your cooling system. Find out when your AC leaking water is okay and when it indicates a problem.


Why Air Conditioning Systems Drip 

Air conditioners do more than cool your house. They aid in conditioning the indoor air and enhance the comfort level by decreasing the humidity. The AC’s evaporator or cooling coil takes in moisture from the room. The airborne vapor changes into a liquid, collecting on cold surfaces. It is similar to the condensation that you see on an ice-cold beverage.


The Amount AC Units Drip 

The amount of air conditioner dripping condensation differs vastly based on current temperatures and humidity levels, as well as details about the efficiency, size, and installation of the AC.Rochester NY HVAC Window AC Unit Is Leaking Water

On a summer day in a humid, hot climate, you can easily find a window air conditioner leaking close to two gallons of water per day. A central air conditioning unit might drip around 20 gallons every day. Reuse the water in lawn irrigation. On the other hand, cooling unit condensation is not for drinking due to the danger of lead exposure.


Troubleshooting Dripping Air Conditioners 

Possibly the most common problem with air conditioner condensation is water coming out the front of the system due to installation errors. These drips might destroy your flooring or furniture, as well as start a mold problem. The back of the AC should be a tad lower than the front to incite correct drainage.

Also, water dripping from the front or sides of the air conditioner might be due to leaking air. If the seal isn’t correct on the AC, hot outside air could change into dripping condensation when it lands on the cold AC surfaces. You might have to insulate and caulk around the AC to decrease the condensation. Also, this will increase efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

If the water freezes instead of dripping out, your air conditioning unit probably needs maintenance. If there is no water dripping, the drains might be blocked. Ask us at Rochester HVAC to stop by and perform an air conditioning unit inspection.