It’s vital to keep up with your A/C maintenance checkups to keep your heating and cooling system functioning smoothly. Older homes and common HVAC issues can affect your wallet and your health.


Inadequate Insulation

Older homes usually have a very thin layer of insulation in the attic and walls, making it difficult to keep warm air inside during the winter and cool air during the summertime. Without adequate insulation, you’ll be paying a high utility bill since your unit isn’t working right.


Limited Air Flow

Air ducts have a lifespan of around 15+ years. However, they have to be professionally inspected and cleaned annually to make sure that the airflow flowing in your unit and home is appropriate for your living space. Over time, dirt builds up, and water gets caught in your ducts, forming the perfect environment for fungus, bacteria, and contaminants.


Bad Air Quality

Rochester NY HVAC Older Homes Common HVAC Issues

Checking the ductwork

Not only does buildup clog your airflow, but it also multiplies allergens in the air in your house. If your ducts aren’t accurately cleaned, you can end up with more asthma and allergy problems as well as poor health from the impurities being gusted through your vents.

The other factor that can diminish your residence’s air quality is outside air leaking in the cracks and gaps in your floors, attic spaces, doors, and windows. The more outside air that’s flowing in, the more contaminants your indoor air will possess. Think about installing monitors for toxic gases like radon and carbon monoxide. These two contaminants are both hard to detect with your senses and lethal if left unnoticed.


More Maintenance

Usually, the older your unit is, the more you’re going to have to keep up with system inspections. Sometimes you can smell odor quickly or hear strange noises frequently enough to avoid substantial HVAC repairs, but you might not always be so lucky. It’s best to be a step ahead of any problems with your heating and cooling unit.

If you detect anything odd about your indoor air or your heating and cooling system, contact a Rochester HVAC technician to take a look.