Many folks do not realize the harm that can happen just because the temps begin to drop. While freezing temperatures can prompt people to make sure their HVAC unit is delivering the heat they want to stay comfortable, the thought of unseen damage as temperatures plunge is often not something that most individuals even think about. Sadly, falling temps are something that can quickly lead to pipe damage and costly repairs, mainly if left unnoticed.


Freezing Temps and Preventing Your Pipes from Bursting

Regardless if it’s your home’s water pipes, heating and cooling unit, or other equipment, freezing temps can be very destructive. As the water in pipes gets to the freezing point, it starts to expand. This increase of the frozen water puts a considerable amount of pressure on your pipes which can cause them to burst, creating water damage and leaks if not fixed quickly.

Rochester NY HVAC Preventing Pipes From Bursting

A plumber repairs the pipes.

Yes, contracting and expanding pipes are a natural result of the changes in seasonal temps. However, these changes in temperature can develop a weakening of your pipes making them more vulnerable to leaks and cracks.


HVAC Maintenance and Your Pipes

While routine HVAC maintenance is a vital part of safeguarding your equipment, it is also a critical factor in deciding if unforeseen issues like broken pipes are doing more damage. A Rochester heating and cooling professional is capable of doing routine troubleshooting to determine the condition of your HVAC unit.

This includes ensuring your HVAC unit is ready for the season and doing tests for energy efficiency and optimum performance. Additionally, if HVAC repairs are necessary, your heating and cooling technician should be able to provide the repairs you need to keep your house in good condition and your heating and air conditioning unit working at its best.

Burst pipes can create lots of damage and repairs can run into the hundreds of dollars if left alone. It is crucial to have your home safeguarded with a home maintenance inspection by an HVAC contractor. Your HVAC tech can determine if pipes have busted during the previous season, giving you a chance to get them repaired before more damage is done.