Spring is here, the foliage is blooming, and the grass is green. Soon, pollen will be everywhere. For the estimated 60 million individuals who suffer from spring allergies, springtime is a dismal time of the year. Spring HVAC maintenance can significantly reduce the number of allergens in your house and stop new allergens from coming into your home.

If you or a loved one deal with itchy eyes, hay fever, sneezing, or other symptoms of seasonal allergies, below are some tips that could help you breathe easier.


Helping with Spring Allergies

As you begin your spring-cleaning list, make sure to clean the registers. Use a damp cloth to stop adding more dust particles into the air that ultimately get circulated in your ductwork.

Rochester NY HVAC Spring Allergies And Your HVAC

Please put in a top-quality air filter and change it frequently. Filters are your crucial line of defense for indoor air quality. Heating and cooling experts recommend using air filters with an eight or higher MERV rating to be sure it is trapping allergen particles and dust.

Inspect your outdoor unit and get rid of any debris or dust from your unit. This system pulls air from the outside into your house. If there is any dust, it will flow all over your home. For supreme cleanliness, vacuum the area around your indoor system.


Additional Products to Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Consider putting in other types of products to enhance the air quality in your house. Humidifiers, UV lights, and air cleaners will work with your existing or new HVAC unit. As a result, these products help to reduce the sources of indoor pollutants and ventilation inside your residence. Air cleaners filter out over 98 percent of contaminants, guaranteeing your unit always functions at peak condition. 

Humidifiers refill moisture in the home, making it more comfortable. Because of this, humidifiers reduce issues created by dry air like sore throats, dry noses, and itchy eyes. Also, they help to save on energy costs by lowering indoor temperatures. To decrease and kill airborne bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, and mold, install UV lights.

Schedule an appointment with Rochester HVAC for the yearly cleaning of your system. A comprehensive cleaning ensures your unit is working correctly and at peak performance.