Dust is a massive issue in old homes and apartments. However, if it has been a long time since your baseboard radiators have been cleaned, you could find yourself vacuuming and dusting more frequently in the wintertime. Read this article to find out what you must know about keeping your baseboard heaters clean.


Cleaning a Baseboard Radiator

Rochester NY HVAC Keeping Your Baseboard Heaters Clean

Cleaning your baseboard heater is critical

Cleaning your radiator on a regular schedule is important. On the other side of numerous baseboard radiator covers are slim metal fins hidden by a large amount of dust. The dirt can diminish the quantity of heat the fins emit. To clean, cautiously vacuum using the dusting brush attachment or crevice tool. The fins can easily bend, so work meticulously. Afterward, if the heat isn’t on, gently wipe the fins with​ a lightly damp microfiber cloth.


Seal Holes and Gaps Around the Baseboards

Gaps and holes around your baseboard radiator let dust and dirt come into your house. Fill significant gaps and holes with an insulation spray foam. Be sure the spray foam is heat resistant. You can find this product at many home improvement chain stores. Close little openings with a high heat silicone sealant.

To prevent warping and shrinking, apply the caulk when the pipe is cool. Also, it an excellent idea to wear gloves.


Aluminum Foil Tape to Fill Gaps

Aluminum foil tape can be used to fill small gaps around cold or hot pipes. Seal the hole beneath every radiator grill using aluminum foil tape as another layer of extra dust-busting protection.

When applying, working with little pieces of tape is more comfortable. Put each piece of tape as far back as you can so it’s not seen when you put the baseboard cover back on. Also, you can utilize the foil tape to fill tiny gaps. The best thing is you can easily take off the tape if necessary.


Wash the Cover Panel, Vents, and Heater

Combine liquid laundry detergent into a pail of hot water till the water suds up. Wet a thick, soft cloth with the mixture and wipe over the top and front of the baseboard heater. Clean any built-up dirt out of crevices using a nylon bristle brush. Take off the front cover panel and wash it on both sides.

Keeping your baseboard heaters clean on a regular schedule is very important for your unit to work at it’s best. If you don’t feel like cleaning your baseboard heaters, calling a Rochester HVAC professional is always an option.