When seeking for a new furnace or air conditioning system, you might have come across the acronym BTU. If you’re not part of the world of heating and cooling, understanding BTU when buying a new HVAC unit is imperative.


What is BTU?

BTU is the British Thermal Unit. These units are used to assess the amount of energy that is necessary for increasing the temp of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. In other trades, the joule is used to decide these numbers. However, BTUs are typically used when dealing with cooling and heating systems.


Is This Important?

Rochester NY HVAC When Buying a New HVAC Unit

Understanding your system is important

The number of BTUs in a specific HVAC system will correlate with the cooling and heating capacity of that system. Treating BTU as a measuring tool can assist you in differentiating the abilities of comparable units. Purchasing a unit with the right BTU for your house can help you increase the system’s power to satisfy your needs.


Is BTU Right for Me?

The quantity of BTUs that is appropriate for your house will be contingent on your insulation quality, your ceiling height, the size of your home, and several other things. An HVAC inspection is an excellent place to begin when deciding which system is right for you.


BTUs and Your HVAC System

When it comes to an HVAC system, a BTU rating states you how powerful your appliance is. For instance, a heater that is categorized as a 4,000 BTU heater can create 4,000 BTUs of energy in 60 minutes. This is known as the BTU/HR rating (aka BTU).

A heater with a more excellent BTU rating is more potent, meaning it has a higher heat output than one with a small BTU rating. It does more to increase the temperature in your room every hour. Therefore, you can either heat a bigger space or heat a room faster. Air conditioners work by eliminating heat from a room instead of adding cool air. This is allowed by the compressor system using a chemical refrigerant to soak up heat and then drive it away from your room. It’s let loose into the outdoors.