Numerous factors affect the cost to install central air. Since it’s such a costly upgrade, and it may be hard to know where to begin. This article is here to help.

Below are the most critical elements of central air installation that controls how much a new unit will cost.

Cost to Install Central Air – Home Size

Square footage is a serious indicator of which air conditioner unit size is right for your house. Air conditioners differ in size according to how many BTUs or heat every model can extract from a home. 

Current HVAC SystemRochester NY HVAC cost to install central air

Most contemporary houses are air conditioner ready, but older homes might need ductwork. Present ducts could be too worn, too small, or under-insulated. 

The price of installing a new duct system typically matches the price of a new air conditioning system, which could double the overall installation cost.


The DIY route is a little impracticable for many homeowners. Air conditioning installation work is difficult. It entails adding circuit breakers and running wires. You also need to know how to stabilize the AC system on the ground next to your home. There is the chance you may need to ask a new duct system.

Trained contractors can decide the correct equipment sizes for a house, ensuring accurate air conditioning installation work for reliable, effective operation. Homeowners should anticipate paying a couple of hundred dollars for labor. Double the price if duct installation is needed.


Other things could affect your air conditioning installation costs. Though, most upfront upgrades play an important part in lessening future energy costs. For instance, systems with a greater SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating typically cost more than lower-rated models. However, higher SEER models save money over time, and you could qualify for a tax credit. 

But, an air conditioner with a high SEER rating will still waste energy if your house has leaks or the installation is wrong. Be sure your HVAC contractor assesses your home’s performance before suggesting a unit.

Replacing or adding a central air conditioning unit may make everyone more comfortable while saving you money. Call Rochester HVAC Experts for a consultation before enduring a scorching heatwave.