For most Rochester area homeowners, the thermostat is something that gets overlooked. It serves the purpose of lowering and raising the temperature of your heating and cooling unit. If you’re sick and tired of your old thermostat, keep reading to learn about the many benefits of a Nest thermostat.

What many folks don’t know is that traditional thermostats can end up harming your indoor comfort level, increasing your electricity bill, and unit’s longevity, all of which can be enhanced by using a programmable thermostat.


The Nest ThermostatNest Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have been available to folks for several years. Even though the Nest thermostat is programmable, it varies from what most people are used to in numerous ways.

Traditional programmable thermostats let users set precise temperatures for specific times of the night and day, which can be an effective way to save energy. However, these thermostats can be difficult to work, usually resulting in misprogramming and defeating the purpose of buying them in the first place.

The Nest Learning Thermostat gets its name from the fact that it follows your behavior patterns and the favorite temps you usually set. After some time, the Nest will automatically build a personalized schedule for your HVAC unit to follow, helping you get the most in energy-saving possibilities while being comfortable the whole time.


The Advantages of Installing A Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat has gathered some substantial popularity in the home performance and HVAC sector since coming on the scene in 2011. Here are some advantages of upgrading from a traditional thermostat to a programmable one:

Headache-Free Programming: Don’t know how to program a Nest? No worries. Unlike most other programmable thermostats, Nest can learn by itself and create a schedule for your HVAC equipment.

Proven Energy Savings: A programmable thermostat can indeed help save you money, but since Nest is the best way to improve the performance of your HVAC unit, you can expect topnotch energy savings.

Mobile Adjustability: If you’re on vacation, nothing delivers peace of mind like being able to check in on your Nest thermostat from the road. Mobile access makes this possible, placing the power into your hands with just the internet and a smartphone.

Are you interested in learning more about a Nest Learning Thermostat? Call a Rochester air conditioning and heating professional to help.