Variable speed air handler

As technology progresses in the heating and cooling industry, many improvements are being made that allows our A/C and heating function better and more effectively. One example of this is a variable speed air handler.

Let’s look at what a variable speed air handler is and how you can benefit from having one in your house.


What is a Variable Speed Air Handler?

Whereas customary air handlers only work at high speed, variable speed air handlers work at many different rates based on your home’s demands. Your home needs various amounts of air at multiple times based on things like the outside temp and the state of your air filter. Variable speed air handlers change themselves to give the correct amount of air that’s necessary for getting the job done.

When cooling is needed in a house with the usual air handler, the A/C provides a blast of cold air until the house reaches the temp set by the thermostat. It then cuts off until cooling is needed again. On the other hand, variable speed air handlers work all the time at much more reduced speeds.

Advantages of a Variable Speed Air Handler

More consistent cooling. Instead of giving big blasts of cold air like custom air handlers, variable speed air handlers gradually decrease and increase their speeds. This creates much more reliable cooling and fewer temp swings in your house.

Energy efficient. Conventional air handlers can use up lots of energy since they only run at high speed and have to turn on and off often. Even though variable speed air handlers operate more frequently than customary air handlers, they use less energy since they run at lower speeds.

Quiet operation. You’ve heard the noise of your A/C coming on and blasting air into your house. Variable speed air handlers are much quieter than custom air handlers since they function at lower speeds and don’t turn on and off too often.

Better air quality. Since variable speed air handlers have lengthier functioning cycles than usual ones, they put air through an air filter more frequently. This means that your living space has peak air quality since it’s almost continually being filtered.

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