What’s a Thermostat?

A thermostat is a gadget that controls the temperature. This is achieved by the device turning heating and cooling systems off and on or regulating the flow of a heat-transfer fluid to sustain a set temperature. There are a couple of different types of thermostatsYou need to know what type of thermostat you have. When you call a Rochester heating and cooling business with a thermostat problem, it’s helpful when you know what thermostat type you have.


Manual/Mechanical/Non-Programmable Thermostat

This type of thermostat is the most standard one. Once it gets to a certain temp, it remains at that temperature until it’s manually cut off. Similar to a standard light switch, it will remain off until it’s cut on. These have to be manually switched from cooling to heating and cooling to heating.Rochester NY HVAC What are the Different Types of Thermostats


Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat

This thermostat has a digital readout. Ideal for folks who prefer a manually controlled item with a simple-to-read display.


Programmable Thermostat

The critical factor of a programmable thermostat is the temp can be changed without needing to adjust by hand. When you set the digital program, the thermostat regulates the temp on its own.


Wireless Thermostat

A wireless thermostat isn’t wire-free. The “wireless” term is mostly about the way the thermostat works with your heating and cooling unit. There are numerous choices in wireless thermostats, such as remote indoor sensors.


Learning Thermostat

A learning thermostat delivers the advantages of being programmable but doesn’t need you to program it. The more you use it, the thermostat will establish programs according to your favorites. These devices connect to the internet, can be set, controlled remotely over Wi-Fi from a tablet, computer, or smartphone, and be monitored. These are best suited for folks with a regular schedule. If there is no consistency, the thermostat won’t be able to set up a program.


Communicating Thermostat

Most high-quality equipment comes as a communication system, hence the communication thermostat. The furnace/air handler talk to the thermostat. These systems are not wired like standard systems. However, once finished, provide advanced features ranging from better-suited system performance to better maintenance. Like with everything in life, every category has its own set of pros and cons. It’s best to consider your needs and lifestyle before making a decision.