With winter approaching in the Rochester area, it is time to consider your utility costs during the cold months. If it’s time for a furnace replacement, you might want to think about paying a bit more money upfront for an efficient furnace with two-stage heating. You might ask, “What is two-stage heating?” Keep reading to find out how these systems offer more benefits than standard models.


Two-Stage Heating Provides Enhanced Comfort

On regular winter days, the two-stage furnace operates at a slower speed and a lower heat setting rather than functioning at full blast and then halting when the thermostat setting is met. This consistent flow of warm air reduces cold spots that would form between the cycles of an older one-stage system. On cold days, the second stage on a two-stage furnace is used to sustain comfort with the flow of warmer air at a higher speed.


More Energy SavingsRochester NY HVAC What is Two Stage Heating

A late-model single-stage furnace can be as capable as a two-stage system. However, you might find yourself changing the thermostat by hand between cycles due to cold spots in your house. The steady temperature of two-stage heating can do away with those adjustments, saving you energy. Electricity usage is decreased, as well, since the blower fan operates at a lower speed.

A two-stage furnace saves on energy since it doesn’t burn as much fuel. It doesn’t put as much fuel into the heat exchanger when it’s just a little nippy outside. If it’s only 50 degrees, a two-stage heating unit will run in the partly open position and use around 60% of the energy of a single-stage unit.


Decreased Noise

As a single-stage furnace goes off and on, you’ll notice the noises that it makes. A two-stage heating system isn’t so noisy since it typically functions at a lower speed. When it does operate at full speed, a slow transition eases the adjustment in noise levels.


Extended Lifespan

The frequent cycling of a traditional furnace can strain its components, particularly the blower fan. A two-stage system is less prone to this sort of stress.


Enhanced Filtration

Since the air usually travels slower through a two-stage system, the filter can more easily eliminate contaminants, creating a healthier atmosphere. If you want more information about the advantages of a two-stage heating system, contact an experienced HVAC repair and maintenance professional.