Global warming strikes again, and this time, it means the heat pump, air conditioner, refrigerator, and other refrigeration units you own from the pre-2010 era will need to be refilled with a new type of refrigerant. Don’t panic–just like global warming doesn’t mean the end of the world, neither does the phasing out of R22 refrigerant (which is really just the undercover name for what most people know as Freon).

What Is R22 Refrigerant, and Why Is It Banned?
Hydro chlorofluorocarbon 22 is a chemical that, in a nutshell, cools down air. It’s a popular refrigerant in everything from car air conditioners to home air conditioning systems. The Montreal Protocol and the United States Environmental Protection Agency officially forbid the manufacturing and import of this substance in a phase-out plan with a culmination date of January 1, 2020. These organizations banned the chemical due to its ozone-depleting properties.

What Will Happen When R22 Is Phased Out Completely?
With Freon being phased out slowly, the costs are expected to continue to rise as less of the refrigerant becomes available. Soon this refrigerant will be too expensive to use, and ultimately, it will be illegal to purchase. So, do you have to get rid of your Freon-compatible machines? Thankfully, no. There are substitutes already on the market, including R-407C, R438A, and many more. These alternatives are deemed to have a much lower Global Warming Potential. Your HVAC professional will know precisely what refrigerant substitutes are compatible for your machine.

What If I Have a Freon Leak?
If you know your HVAC system is leaking R22, you need to get it taken care of right away. Leaks and improper disposal of R22 and other refrigerants can lead to serious harm to our environment. Your local HVAC professional can safely drain and dispose of your R22 refrigerant and refill your system with an EPA approved coolant.

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