Whether programmable or manual, you will need to replace the batteries in your thermostat. The batteries are to completely power your thermostat or work as backup power during an outage.

Thermostat batteries stop your HVAC system from turning off and keep your programming saved when the power goes out. Change your thermostat batteries every year or when the low battery indicator appears on the digital display.

If your HVAC system stops working, the first place to begin troubleshooting is the thermostat. If you see a blank screen on the device, look at the batteries before calling in an HVAC repair specialist. Some devices display a warning light that lets you know 30 – 60 days before the batteries will stop working.

It’s easy to forget about the thermostat, particularly programmable units. They work behind the scenes to regulate when the system runs and alters the temp in your house. They typically necessitate little attention from you to keep your residence comfortable.


How to Change Thermostat BatteriesRochester NY HVAC Replacing the Batteries in Your Thermostat

These directions can assist you in replacing the batteries in your thermostat:

Take off the cover. If it doesn’t come off quickly, push it upward. You might need to take a look at the manual the manufacturer provided for directions. If push comes to shove and you still can’t get the cover off, you might have to contact a heating and cooling professional.

Find the battery compartment and replace the old ones. As you do so, note how they’re set because the thermostat won’t work if the batteries aren’t installed right.

Replace the battery cover so that it fits tightly. The viewing screen should display. The system might need to be reset or reprogrammed if it doesn’t quickly show your programming.

Even though these thermostats might need battery replacements occasionally, the benefits they offer outweigh having to replace them. A programmable device, particularly a WiFi item, saves significant amounts of energy and give access from anywhere you can receive an internet signal.

If you want more information on how to replace batteries in a thermostat or pick a new one, contact a Rochester HVAC repair expert.