There are numerous things you must consider when deciding on a heat pump vs. a gas furnace. Stability, price, and efficiency are just a few factors. Furthermore, there’s safety, how long your Rochester heating system will last, and the effect the installation will have on your home.


Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace

In many instances, furnace selection is mostly dependent on fuel availability. Natural gas is the most common fuel. However, the necessary piping infrastructure is not available everywhere.

In these instances, homeowners use electric, fuel oil, or propane furnaces. Both propane and oil necessitate fuel storage tanks that are pricey own. For those wanting to limit upfront costs, a gas furnace might be an excellent alternative.Rochester NY HVAC Heat Pump Vs Gas Furnace


Gas FurnaceĀ 

For those who pick a gas furnace, the cost can be the main reason. A gas unit is economical to operate since natural gas is cheaper than electricity. During the past few years, electricity increased in price.

On the other hand, natural gas has decreased, making gas units more likable to homeowners. Gas furnaces radiate low levels of carbon monoxide. It would be best if you made sure that the system is functioning all the time correctly.

If you want quick results, a gas furnace is the one you want. Gas units heat a house quicker than electricity. Also, gas furnaces tend to be more effective in cold temperatures. Gas systems achieve a higher temperature than electrical systems in frigid weather.

For people who don’t want a gas furnace, the main reason is the lifespan is just 10-20 years. Also, the installation process can be complicated. Furthermore, you must closely supervise a gas unit due to the emission of carbon monoxide. When you think about the cost-saving benefits, gas furnaces are a much better choice for homeowners.


Heat Pump

There is, however, another option: a heat pump. Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than a gas furnace. When you take into account the effectiveness of the heating appliance, and the fuel cost, either a gas furnace or a heat pump is cost-effective.

Regardless of which one you decide to purchase, it’s just a matter of preference. No matter what, you must know all the pertinent information with every choice to make the right decision. Reach out to us at Rochester HVAC if you need more information on heat pumps or gas furnaces.