Have you noted some rooms in your house are always colder or hotter regardless of your thermostat setting? If you are wondering, “Why is my room so hot?” check for these common issues:

  • Dirty air filters — A dirty filter stops airflow, not letting your residence get enough cold air.
  • Closed vents — Closed vents in a room makes it hotter than the other places.
  • Open windows — Your cold air can flow out of open windows, creating imbalanced temperatures in your house.
  • Air duct problems — If you have any broken supply ducts, certain rooms won’t receive enough air. Also, leaky ducts create numerous issues, like uneven temperatures.

Why is My Room so Hot? 

Another reason why your room is hotter than the others is an unbalanced heating and cooling unit. You will have to get a local HVAC repair company to fix it.Rochester NY HVAC One Room Hot And Others Cool

Air balancing is the technique of changing the amount of heated and cooled air every room in your home receives.

In an ideal balanced system, each room in your residence has the same temperature at precisely the same time. A house with various temps in various places has to have an unbalanced system.

Reasons for an Unbalanced System

Several things can disturb the balance. Here are some of the common issues:

More Than One Level

Multiple levels are hard to accurately balance since you have to account for heat rising and long runs of ducts necessary for getting air into all the rooms.

Solution: The best solution to this issue is a zoned air conditioning system. Zoning separates your house into several areas. A temperature sensor or thermostat is in every zone. You can have different temperatures for several rooms. 

Under or Oversized Cooling Unit

An AC unit that’s too big (oversized) will shut off too fast. Rooms are either left too cold or hot. An AC unit that’s too little (undersized) might never be capable of cooling your whole home correctly.

Solutions: If your unit is too big, use fans to move the cold air to the warm rooms in your house. If your AC is too little, you might need a new cooling unit.

Reach out to Rochester HVAC today. Our professionals will help discover and repair the source of your cold and hot rooms.